Anarchist Wire


Anarchist wire is a low resistance wire which is also known as AN80.

Produces amazing flavour with quick ramp up times!


  • DO NOT use this wire if you are not experienced with building.
  • This Wire will melt unless you pulse fire during setup
  • 18g should only be purchased for the most experienced cloud chaser

We encourage all our customers to read up about battery safety before purchasing any anarchist wire.

6 Wrap over 3mm diameter dual coil with 22g is around 0.13 ohms
6 Wrap over 3mm diameter dual coil with 21g is around 0.10 ohms


Product Description

15ft Anarchist wire

Anarchist sticker

Additional Information

Additional Information

Gauge Wire

26g, 24g, 22g, 20g, 18g, 21g

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