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What is in vape liquid/oils/juice?

The vast majority of vape liquids consist of 4 ingredients, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Nicotine (Nic/MG) and Food flavourings (Also Propylene Glycol based).

All of these ingredients are Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) certified. Some liquids do contain ethanol but they are usually in citrus/lemon based flavours.

Is vaping dangerous?

This is difficult to explain, but we will try our best. If one of our staff has taught you how to use your vape, and you follow the guidelines, you will be fine. If you negligently decide you know best, you could cause harm to yourself. Always ask for advice when you are unsure. Vaping is only as dangerous as its user.

How to prevent my device from leaking?

9/10 times the usual cause for leaking is that the tank or coil is not fitted on properly. Or the device has been put upside down or on its side for a long period of time. To prevent this, keep the device upright and ensure all components are thumb tight. Regular usage of your vape device will also help stop the liquid from leaking. 

How to change a coil or filter for my vape?

Depending on your product name, there are different methods of changing the coil/filter. It is best to be shown how to do this, you could check out youtube reviews or ask one of our members of staff.

When should I change the coil or filter?

Each and every device will have a different time frame for changing the coil/filter. These times will always vary depending on the type of device/liquid/coil material. As a general rule, most coils will last between 2-3 weeks but some have been known to last longer or less. Majority of the time the real reason you would change your filter is if the flavour is not tasting correct/tasting burnt, the cotton in the coil itself would also turn to a dark brown/black colour. This is the best tell tale sign of when you know you need to change the coil/filter.

I cough when I start vaping, is this normal?

If you have never vaped before and you never smoked, you shouldn’t be vaping at all. However if you were/are a smoker and are trying a vape for the first time, Coughing is normal as your lungs cannot handle the intake of vape, take smaller puffs or use a lower nicotine strength. 

Does Vaping spread Coronavirus or COVID19?

Due to the outbreak of COVID19 some articles were in released to debunk this theory, Overall vaping is not proven to spread COVID19.


What is a JUUL?

Juul is a simplistic device which gained increased popularity with its users based on the salt nicotine pods they produced, They gained huge market share in the US and other countries due to the popularity and were partially sold to a big tobacco company.