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VELO / LYFT Polar Mint
VELO / LYFT Polar Mint

VELO / LYFT Polar Mint

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VELO / Lyft nicotine pouches are a non-tobacco based oral nicotine delivery experience. Made in Sweden they are sold in a 6mg and 10mg nicotine strength for discrete stimulation on the move.

Made of Fibers from Scandinavian Pine trees, nicotine, water, eucalyptus, stabilizers and flavourings; all in a small pouch that can be used anywhere.

Velo / Lyft requires no device, no batteries, no coils  and no eliquid

Treat yourself with a kick of full-bodied sweetness from the spearmint in addition to the cooling freshness of menthol. Give you the push to deliver extraordinary results!


  • 1 x Container (24 pouches)