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The Different Styles Of Vaping

What is MTL?

MTL stands for Mouth to Lung. MTL Devices are designed to give
an optimum hit/draw that you would receive from conventional
cigarettes. They are the closest thing in vaping to that of a cigarette,
and are generally considered for use as beginner devices. That being
said, there are also MTL devices which are not for beginners such as
rebuildable tanks or Atomizers. The best use of an MTL Vaping
device would be to do a double inhale. i.e You would inhale the vape
into your mouth, then from your mouth you would inhale into your
lungs. Generally these types of devices make use of medium - strong
nicotine strengths such as 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

What is Sub-ohm?

Sub Ohm is an atomizer/tank with an ohm reading below 1. The lower the ohms, the higher the need
for more power and the greater the vape production. Generally speaking these devices would produce
more vape production that that of a traditional cigarette and would be of similar production (or more)
to a shisha pipe. They can be used as great starter kits with coils that average around 0.3-0.6 ohms.
Although this ohmage would be considered for beginners, certain vaping devices can have ohms
between 0.1-0.2. These devices would be for intermediate/advanced users and are described with the
vaping concept known as cloud chasing devices. They would produce huge amounts of vape which
would look like a cloud (hence the phrase cloud chasing).

On some occasions there are users that can take the ohms down to as low as 0.06 (with rebuildable devices, please see further below for more information), however based on the amount of stress this can cause to your batteries it is not recommended. I am sure you have heard or read about vaping
devices exploding. This is due to negligent behaviour from the user in putting too much stress on their batteries forcing them to over heat and explode. This type of vaping is NOT industry standard and no vape shop should ever sell you or advise you to do this. Please read up on battery safety before venturing below 0.1 ohms.

The best way to vape on sub-ohm is to inhale the vape directly into your lungs. To do so, just imagine you are out of breathe and need to take a big deep breathe; inhale deep into your lungs then exhale.

Generally, these types of devices make use of the lower scale in nicotine strength such as 0mg
(nicotine free), 3mg and 6mg.


What is a Pod Mod System?

Pod mod systems were made popular in 2017, specifically due to a huge American brand known as JUUL. They are the easiest and the most simple devices to use on the vaping market. There are two forms of pod systems: Open and Closed Pods. Closed pods systems such as the JUUL; use pre-filled pods. You would purchase these pre-filled pods and plug them into their specific devices and just vape away. Once the vape liquid or e-juice has been used, you would throw away the pod and just insert a new one. Causing less hassle than refilling and changing coils.


Open pod systems such as the Uwell Caliburn are there for you to refill with any liquid you prefer. All open pod systems can be refilled several times before the coil inside the pod dies out and you would need a
replacement pod. Rather than using a traditional vaping tank; the open pod system won't require you to change your coil or clean it, just simply replace the pod with a new one.

The vast majority of all pod mod systems in vaping would be used with higher nicotine strengths from 10mg to 20mg. Though in some cases (other than the UK) would make use of strengths in 30mg to 60mg. The best way to use a pod mod system would be the same as using an MTL device. Double intake; inhale into the mouth, then inhale again directly to your lungs.

What is an RBA/RDA/RTA/RDTA?

These are effectively advanced/expert vaping devices. They are generally used with Mechanical Mods or dual battery 100 + Watt devices. In one way or another these devices need to be built on in order for them to work. Users would build a coil with certain tools, insert them into their chosen device, pre heat and wick the coil with cotton. These type of devices are more for the hobbyists and vaping
enthusiasts as they take time to learn, build and perfect, However the major benefits of using these types of devices is for flavour production and vapour production (also known as flavour chasing and cloud chasing), because you can create a coil with your preferred ohms; for the flavours you tend to enjoy using. i.e. lower ohms can cause dessert flavours to taste a lot better due to the warmth of the vapour production as though that 'cookie' flavour was fresh out of the oven.

Coils can be built simple or complex,

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer - An RDA is an atomizer where the user would build their own coils, wick them (traditionally with cotton) and insert them directly to the device. They would then use their liquid/ejuice and drip them onto the coils and cotton.

Re-Buildable Atomizer – Some people can get this confused with an RDA, but the correct meaning of an RBA is a separate part to a tank atomizer where you would build a coil and then insert it into the device much like a normal coil for other tanks.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer - These devices are the same as an RDA except they have extra capacity due to a tank therefore instead of dripping directly onto the coils and cotton, you would fill up the tank.

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer - These vaping devices are a mixture of an RDA and an RDTA.
Generally speaking it would be an RDA on top of a tank. So you could either drip your liquid on top of the coils and cotton, or you could fill it up.

These types of devices are the best of both words in terms of vaping intake. Dependant on the ohms of the coil will determine the best way to vape them. i.e if the ohms are 1.0 or above then inhale as you would with a mouth to lung device, if they are below 0.6 ohms then inhale direct to your lungs. Bare in mind that there are different types of these particular devices which categorise themselves as either MTL, flavour or cloud atomizers. With the nicotine strengths used in these devices it could range between 0mg (or no Nicotine) to 18mg.