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SMOK Nord 2 Review

Smok Nord 2

The new and improved Smok Nord 2 has landed, following up from the original Nord the version 2 has a new IQ-N chipset giving it more power and better performance. The most important improvement to the V2 is the redesign of the trigger button compared to the original Nord the V2 has a more flushed button into the main body to prevent auto fire which was a common issue in the original Nord.

The newest feature of the Nord 2 is the 0.69inch OLED screen showcasing battery percentage, resistances (ohms) and your watts. The Smok Nord 2 now has adjustable wattage from 1-40 watts compared to the 10-15 watts of the original version. With more power comes more battery the V2 now houses a 1500mah battery capacity, 400 more mah than the previous version, the V2 now last much longer but it does vary on the wattage being used.


The Smok 2 resembles its predecessor in overall shape, slightly thicker to house a bigger battery. Not as smooth around the edges the V2 it has solid angles on the face plate of the device and not with a OLED screen on the side. With the new screen you can view your battery percentage, watts, resistance and your puff counter. 


This device is very easy to use it has one fire button which is also the on/off button for a simple design, 5 clicks of the button to turn it on and 5 to turn it off. The fire button is now more recess but is still easy to locate to feel if you're not looking at the device when firing. With the V2 you can now adjust for watts, with only one button changing the power you desire is slightly an annoyance if you accidentally over click. 3 clicks to enter wattage adjustment mode the watts indicator on the screen will flash and for every click it goes up increments of 1 watt, you cannot go down in watts it only goes up to 30 watts before it cycles back to 1 watt, this can be seen as annoying but its what you get with one button which controls all.


Constructed out of aluminum the main housing of the Smok Nord 2 is very solid and the front and back plates of hard plastic, the device has a solid feel in the hand. Daily wear and tear will only affect the aesthetics of the device over a prolong period of time, the build feels strong and probably will be able to handle minor drops.

Vape production

slightly redistricted airflow compared the the previous Nord the airflow feels nice and depending on what style of coil you use the vape production will vary. The Smok Nord 2 has two airflow openings on either side of the device giving a even amount of air coming in from both sides suitable for mouth to lung or direct lung vapers.


With the Smok Nord 2 you are now given the option on which type of coils you can use, included in the kit there are two types of pods. Pods which take Smok PRM coils and pods which take Smok Nord coils, the PRM coils has 7 different variations and the Nord with 5 variations to suit your vaping styles. 

Smok Nord 2


Design: 8

Portability: 7.5

Battery life: 9

Maintenance: 9