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SMOK Nord Review

SMOK Nord Kit 

Featuring the new open Pod System that is taking the market by storm, the SMOK Nord. The Nord delivers flavour, design and practicality in a powerful device that fits all within the palm of your hand. Boasting an impressive 1100mah battery, 10-15 watts of output, 3.3 – 4.2 volts of input and a charge time of 3 hours the Nord kit ensures the user can have an uninterrupted vaping experience that will throughout the day. What does it all mean? Essentially, this allows the device to produce an impressive amount of flavour and vapour without compromising on battery performance.

The engineering of the Pod itself is what really sets this device apart from the rest. SMOK have developed a system that enables the user to change coils in a two-step plug and play method. Its simplicity is second to none and allows users the ability to change coils on the go without the hassle of tools or equipment. Best of all, this open pod system gives the user the flexibility of choice with the variety of flavours available on the market. The Pod has a 3ml capacity and can be used with 3 types of coils, all suitable for different nicotine levels:

  • Mesh coil – Suitable for 0-6mg Nicotine (Most flavour, shortest lifespan)
  • Stainless coil – Suitable for 6mg+ Nicotine (Moderate flavour, moderate lifespan)
  • Ceramic coil – Suitable for 6mg+ Nicotine (Least flavour, longest lifespan)

Overall, the SMOK NORD is a must for those seeking flavour without compensating on convenience and regular maintenance. The device stands out amongst its rivals for the ultimate vaping experience that it is able to produce, considering its compact design and is perfect for beginners and intermediates alike.


Design: 8

Portability: 8

Battery life: 8

Maintenance: 8